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Hello Helsinki

Helsinki is fast becoming one of Europe's most coveted destinations for weekend trips or week long adventures. Finland's capital city is small and intimate in comparison to other Scandinavian capitals and therefore lends itself to easy exploration whether your biggest passion is the great

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Travelling to Germany

In 1871 the German Empire was created, with the Hohenzollern dynasty of Prussia at its head. The empire was proclaimed in Versailles after the French were defeated in the Franco-Prussian War and by 1884, Germany was creating overseas colonies. In the Berlin Conference of that same year, the major Eu

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Voyage to Accra

If you are planning a West African excursion, you certainly will not want to miss Ghana's bustling capital, Accra. You might even decide to turn a memorable day visit there into an exciting extended stay. Enjoy this richly historical coastal city, taking in exotic attractions by day, then relax

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Visiting Ban Phe

Thailand is becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia. Situated in South East Asia, Thailand boasts of magnificent islands, picturesque hills, astonishing waterfalls and abundant monsoon rain forests. The places of tourist attractions in Ban Phe are classified in terms of regions