Home & Garden: How to Edge Bathroom Tiles

How to Edge Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles that don't cover the entire wall (such as tile wainscoting or the top edge of a tiled shower stall) must be trimmed out in some way, since regular wall tiles aren't finished on the sides. The best approach is usually to use bullnose tiles, which are finished on one side, so they

Home & Garden: How to Make a 12' Ladder

How to Make a 12' Ladder

A ladder around your home for household chores makes many tasks easier. For painting hard-to- reach spots or cleaning the rain gutters a good ladder is a necessity. Commercially-made ladders can be expensive and often larger than most people need. If you are willing to put in a few hours of your ti

Home & Garden: How to Build a Perimeter Drain

How to Build a Perimeter Drain

How well your property drains water directly affects the likelihood of a wet basement. The perimeter drain around your house is installed along the foundation's footings and directs the water into a sump pit installed in the basement. Any water that collects next to the foundation is quickly moved t

Home & Garden: Subway Tile Size

Subway Tile Size

Subway tiles are aptly named from the tiles that lined the New York City subway during the early 20th century. These historic tiles continued to be part of the infrastructure of subways around the world throughout that century. Today subway tiles are used in kitchens and bathrooms as backsplashes an

Home & Garden: How to Calculate the Total Square Feet

How to Calculate the Total Square Feet

Measuring square feet (sometimes referred to as "square footage") is a way to determine the amount of space that is occupied by an object. Another way of referring to this measurement is finding the "area" of something. Finding the square feet is important in projects such as building a house or lan

Home & Garden: How to Build Mud Brick Houses

How to Build Mud Brick Houses

Builders of mud brick or adobe homes save thousands of dollars building their homes themselves instead of purchasing homes already made. The Mother Earth News website states that one adobe home builder spent $20,000 to build a home later valued at $130,000.Mud brick homes also save money

Home & Garden: The Best Way to Cut Stick & Peel Vinyl Tile to Fit Around a Toliet

The Best Way to Cut Stick & Peel Vinyl Tile to Fit Around a Toliet

Vinyl floor tiles are a fast and easy way to change the look of a room. They are ideal for bathrooms because they are water resistant and when laid properly will protect the sub-floor from water damage. They are easy to shape for placement around objects because all you need are scissors. But, in

Home & Garden: How to Remove Lichen From a Deck

How to Remove Lichen From a Deck

Lichen is a type of fungus that grows in combination with algae, particularly in damp environments, humid climates or near water. It spreads along trees, rocks, sidewalks, buildings and decks, creating a slippery surface that can eventually damage that surface if not cleaned on a regular basis. Remo

Home & Garden: Installing Ceramic Tile Border Corner

Installing Ceramic Tile Border Corner

Installing ceramic tile is a home improvement skill that many people learn. To truly make a tile project look polished, the border must be finished properly. Installing border pieces that join in the corners at a 45-degree angle gives a tile project a professional appearance. Tools like a wet saw ma

Home & Garden: How to Install Southern White Pine Flooring

How to Install Southern White Pine Flooring

The addition of wood floors can make any room elegant and beautiful and will add to the value of your house. Southern white pine has graced homes for centuries. It is a very soft wood and requires care to keep it looking nice. You could hire a professional to do the installation job, but it is also

Home & Garden: The Best Value Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Value Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Value is determined by quality and affordability.the kitchen. image by guiney from Fotolia.comChoosing to remodel your kitchen can seem like a huge undertaking, especially when it comes to the cost. This does not always have to be the case. There are may ways to keep the costs down and...

Home & Garden: How to Fix Scratches on a Laminate Wood Table

How to Fix Scratches on a Laminate Wood Table

Laminate wood tables provide the look you want without the expensive price you do not want. These tabletops scratch easily, however, which takes away from their beauty. Fortunately, this easy and affordable fix requires very little time; with a small amount of effort, your table can look as good as

Home & Garden: How to Make Levies

How to Make Levies

Homemade levees are simple walls made of compacted earth and covered with plastic that can protect your home from the destructive force of a flood. In an emergency situation you have to use whatever material you have available, but with enough notice, you can obtain clay, a material known to be impe

Home & Garden: How to Set Slate Tile

How to Set Slate Tile

Slate tile is a natural stone that can enhance the beauty of a home's interior or exterior in equal measures. A quality slate installation can provide your home with a rustic look that goes well in any season and with any decor, and while at first glance it might appear to be something only a highly

Home & Garden: How to Mortar Firebrick

How to Mortar Firebrick

If you are building a fire pit or fireplace out of firebrick, brick that resists the heat of fire, you need to place mortar in between the bricks to hold them in place. The mortar needs to be at least as heat-resistant as the bricks to keep them from getting too hot and cracking. According to Tradit

Home & Garden: How to Lay Slate on Steps

How to Lay Slate on Steps

Plain concrete steps are usually drab and have little to offer aesthetically. With simple preparation and diligent application, slate tile offers a decorative alternative without compromising on durability. Slate tile will endure years of foot traffic with only minor maintenance needed. Slate is com

Home & Garden: Prime Trim Installation

Prime Trim Installation

When used decoratively in a home, trim adds visual borders to a room's floors, ceilings, doors and windows while helping to tie all of the separate elements together. The standard method of installing trim is to miter the corners, or cut them at angles that allow them to fit tightly together. Floor

Home & Garden: Drywall Ceiling Ideas

Drywall Ceiling Ideas

Drywall ceilings are easy to texture.drywall 2 image by iChip from Fotolia.comWhen using dry wall as the material for your home ceilings you leave yourself open to many more possibilities with techniques which can be applied to the ceiling to give it a special effect. There are many...

Home & Garden: How to Cut Plate Steel

How to Cut Plate Steel

Cutting steel plate one-inch thick or less is a job for a hand-held plasma cutter. A plasma cutter creates an extremely hot arc by sending an electric current through a stream of ionized gas. The ionized gas used for cutting steel plate is pressurized air. The thickness of the plate steel will deter

Home & Garden: Crown Molding Ideas for the Bedroom

Crown Molding Ideas for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to be creative, and any number of decorating techniques can be used to make this a personal inviting place to spend time in. The usual material used for crown molding is a trim made of wood, or MDF, that is called "crown molding" at all home improvement centers. The informatio